Privacy Policy declares that we properly manage personal information obtained through our business activities in accordance with principles below and proactively utilize the information to improve our services.

1. Establishment of the Personal Information Protection StructureWe will have individuals who work for each company recognize the importance of protection of personal information and will also establish the personal information protection structure. In addition, by clearly stipulating management rules for obtaining, use, and provision, etc., of personal information, we will properly manage personal information and make efforts for continuous improvement.

2. Proper obtainingWe will obtain personal information within the scope of proper business activities to the extent necessary for achieving clear purpose of use by lawful and fair means and, if necessary, with the notification to the individual or public announcement of the purposes of use.

3. Restriction of useUnless otherwise agreed by the individual or permitted by laws and regulations, personal information shall not be used for any purpose other than those notified to the individual or publicly announced.

4. Accuracy of the data, etc.When retaining personal information, we will keep it to meet the purposes of use as well as to keep it accurate, complete and up-to-date. When it is no longer necessary, we will endeavor to delete it without delay.

5. Security controlWhen retaining and managing personal information, we will take appropriate security measures to prevent such risks as loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage.

6. Confidentiality dutyIndividuals who work for each company will recognize the importance of protecting personal information and make every effort to keep personal information confidential.

7. Response to inquiries, etc.When retaining personal information, we will publicly announce the purpose of use and our inquiry contact, and will respond faithfully to the request for disclosure, correction, and cessation of use, etc.

8. Actions in case of an accidentIf any accident such as leakage of personal information occurs, we will appropriately respond to it by investigating all facts and the cause and taking measures to prevent secondary damage and reoccurrence, etc.